Bumble Bee Auto Transport provides facilitation and arrangement of transportation (through third-party carriers) of both privately and commercially owned vehicles for all types of customers. We also monitor the status of pickups and deliveries and report this status back to you so that you know where your vehicles are every step of the way.

Private Parties

Bumble Bee Auto Transport works with families and individuals needing to move vehicles. Whether you’re selling your car to an individual across the county or moving your child to college, we can assist you with the best way to transport your vehicle. 


Moving employees can be stressful for both business owners and employees alike.  Bumble Bee Auto Transport can work directly with your employees on moving their vehicles during their corporate move. We will keep in contact with your employee, assuring them that their vehicle is being safely transported to their new location.  We can offer corporate discounts for moving multiple people, even if they are moving to or from different locations.  Ask about corporate billing options.

Military Moves

Our professional drivers can help move your vehicle from one base to another, or back to your home.  Wherever you’re headed, we can make sure your car meets you there.  We will arrange to meet you off-base to pick up and deliver your vehicle, or we can coordinate with a responsible party at your new location.  Keep in mind that commercial trucks and trailers have limited or no access to most military bases. 


Bumble Bee Auto Transport can handle dealer trades and dealer-to-customer transfers with the same door to door service and professionalism as our everyday moves.  We can accommodate multiple drop-off locations with a single truck. Move your vehicles across town or across the county! Contact us today and ask about dealer contracts and multi load discounts.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Using our network of carriers, we can help you find the perfect solution to move up to ten cars in a load. Contact us today and ask us about multi-car and contract discounts.


Bumble Bee Auto Transport and its carriers have picked up thousands of vehicles at auction yards across the country. If the vehicle is not operable, that is not a problem; if it is able to roll, we can winch it on and off of a trailer.  If it cannot roll, check with the auction yard about forking the vehicle onto a trailer.  Keep in mind that if the latter is your only option, you will then need to have the ability to fork the vehicle off at your final destination. We have experience working with IAAI, Copart, Manheim and Mecum.

Rental Car Companies

Too many one-way rentals to the same locations?  We can help! We work with rental car companies to transport vehicles between locations.  Need several cars moved to different locations? We can handle multi-drop loads. We work with carriers that can move up to ten vehicles at a time.  Ask about contracts and multi load discounts.

Finance Companies

Bumble Bee Auto Transport can work with you to retrieve cars due to bankruptcy and nonpayment.  We can also take damaged cars to a damaged car auction house in the area that the vehicle is currently in.  We will pick up at tow yard, collision centers or a client’s home.

Our brokerage division is not set up only to move one or two cars at a time, although this type of order certainly constitutes a meaningful portion of our business. We can also facilitate full loads for ten-car carriers. There is a good amount of skill involved in achieving this, such as combining multiple pickups and drop-offs along a single trucking lane. All of this requires a high degree of knowledge and experience, something everyone at Bumble Bee Auto Transport possesses.

Building better loads ultimately benefits our customers in two ways:

  1. It maximizes carrier efficiency and minimizes driver downtime, thus enabling us to offer better pricing to our customers.

  2. It makes the loads more attractive to the carriers which use the equipment. This is important to us because it helps minimize the number of equipment malfunctions and carrier breakdowns that cause delays in the delivery of vehicles.

Additionally, the brokerage division seeks customers that ship bulk orders. Full loads with one pickup and one delivery location—originating and ending in markets that make it easier to originate the carriers next load—enables us to reward a customer with pricing that reflects the value of the time inherently saved in such loads.